Organization and Priorities



The Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organizations in Geneva is structured as follows.

Political Affairs / Specialized Agencies The Political Affairs and Specialized Agencies Sections are in charge of issues related to the stability and peace of international society and human security, including human rights, humanitarian affairs and health.
Economic Affairs Responsible for trade and development issues, the Economic Affairs Section represents Japan at meetings of the WTO (World Trade Organization), the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) and the ITC (International Trade Center)
General Affairs and Administration The General Affairs Section is in charge of the overall management of the Mission including administration, communications and providing support for visiting delegates.


As a major contributor to the United Nations and other international organizations, Japan places utmost importance on promoting international cooperation.
Representing the interests of the Government of Japan, we focus on the following priorities.

  1. Human Rights: promoting and protecting the universal values of human rights, freedom and democracy
  2. Humanitarian Action: promoting provision of urgent humanitarian assistance, response to protracted humanitarian crises, implementation and dissemination of international humanitarian law, and Disaster Risk Reduction
  3. International Health: contributing to resolving international health issues
  4. Other Global Issues: addressing a range of other issues, including those related to the environment, labor, communications, meteorology, and intellectual property rights
  5. Strengthening International Organizations: supporting Japan's contribution of talent to, and promoting good governance in, international organizations
  6. Trade: maintaining and strengthening the multilateral trading system
  7. Development: promoting economic growth through trade