Japan enhances its contribution to global efforts for addressing humanitarian crises in the world: Signing of UNHCR project for Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants in Brazil/Peru.(16 February 2023)

(Photo by UNHCR)

As humanitarian crises become longer and more complex due to the impacts of conflicts and natural disasters, Japan continues to contribute to humanitarian assistance. A the G7 Chair, as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, and as a co-convenor of the 2023 Global Refugee Forum, Japan will work to enhance international engagements to cope with the challenges.
On 16 February 2023 in Geneva, the Government of Japan, represented by Ambassador YAMAZAKI Kazuyuki, Permanent Representative of Japan to the International Organizations in Geneva, signed agreement with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Mr. Filippo Grandi, to provide approximately 3.5 million USD for UNHCR’s activities. This is in addition to the 108 USD million pledged by Japan in December 2022 for UNHCR’s activities in 2023.
Outline of the project:
Ensuring Protection, Humanitarian Assistance and Socio-economic Inclusion for Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants (3.5 million USD)
In Brazil,
1) Improving access to asylum procedures, documentation and protection services
2) Guaranteeing access to safe and adequate temporary shelter
3) Fostering socio-economic inclusion
In Peru,
1) Improving access to asylum procedures and documentation
2) Providing safe and adequate temporary shelter and core relief items
3) Providing health services and information on access to the national health insurance program
4) Sharing information on access to education for refugee, asylum-seeker and migrant children and adolescents
5) Guaranteeing access to income-generating activities

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