Reception to Celebrate the Emperor of Japan’s Birthday (13 February 2020)


 A reception in celebration of the Emperor’s birthday was held at the Mission of Japan on 13 February. This was the first reception for the birthday of Emperor Naruhito, who ascended to the throne last year, ushering in the new era of Reiwa. The actual day of the Emperor’s birthday is 23 February and is marked by a national holiday in Japan on Monday 24 February this year.
 The reception was jointly hosted by Ambassador Yamazaki, Permanent Representative to the International Organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Ogasawara, Permanent Representative to the Conference on Disarmament, and Ambassador Okaniwa, Deputy Permanent Representative to the International Organizations and Chief of the Consulate in Geneva. Ambassadors from other Permanent Missions and heads of international organizations in Geneva were among the approximately 430 guests in attendance. There was a variety of food and drink on offer in the bustling reception hall, including the first rice of the year, freshly steamed, and a selection of sake (rice wine) and red and white wines from around Japan. Guests also enjoyed green tea served by a Japanese tea ambassador.

The three ambassadors and Mrs. Ogasawara greeting guests

Ambassador Yamazaki welcoming a guest

Ambassador Okaniwa greeting a guest

Freshly steamed koshihikari rice from the first harvest of the year in Niigata Prefecture, served together with three different toppings that go perfectly with rice

A selection of fine sake and wine from around Japan also proved popular with guests

Japanese tea ambassador, Ms. Emiko Okamoto, served guests with Japanese green tea prepared in the traditional way

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