4th UPR Session – Statement of Japan
Review of Saudi Arabia06 February 2009


The delegation of Japan would like to thank the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for submitting a comprehensive national report.


Japan appreciates the efforts made in recent years by Saudi Arabia in the field of human rights, especially those of the governmental Human Rights Commission with its objective to promote and protect human rights in accordance with international standards.  We hope that the Commission will work even more actively as it moves toward achieving this goal.  Furthermore, we also commend the National Society for Human Rights for its support to Saudi citizens and those in need by receiving their complaints and providing counseling to them.  We hope for the continuation of and the strengthening of such support.


We understand that Saudi Arabia, based upon the recommendations made by the CEDAW, has been taking measures to ensure women’s rights, including those related to violence against women.  In this regard, we would like to know more about the current status of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia.  Besides, we would like to learn what activities are being undertaken by the Higher National Committee for Women’s Affairs.


In addition, Japan hopes that Saudi Arabia’s work to codify penal provisions as well as to take legislative measures following the recommendations of the CRC for the protection of children will proceed as quickly as possible. 

Finally, Japan applauds Saudi Arabia’s efforts to encourage dialogue among civilizations, including at the high-level meeting on the Culture of Peace held at its request last November during the United Nations General Assembly.  Japan sent a special envoy of Prime Minister to this meeting.  We support such initiatives of Saudi Arabia as they also help to promote dialogues in the field of human rights.