4th UPR Session – Statement of Japan
Review of Canada – 3 February 2009


Thank you, Mr./Madam Chair.


First of all, the delegation of Japan would like to thank the Government of Canada for its comprehensive national report and also for the excellent presentation given by the distinguished delegation, headed by Honorable Deputy Minister of Justice, Mr. John Sims.  We would also like to commend Canada for the leading role it has played in human rights affairs.  We would like to avail ourselves of this opportunity to pose several questions with regard to human rights in Canada.


Japan appreciates the efforts of the Canadian government to ensure women’s rights and improve the status of women, as symbolized through the large percentage of women serving in the Parliament, for example.  At the same time, as Canada itself pointed out in the national report, incidents of violence against women continue to occur, including domestic violence.
In addition, the OHCHR’s compilation report mentions that many women face sexual harassment in the workplace, and we would like to know more about the reality of this situation.  What measures are in effect in Canada to prevent sexual harassment and to aid victims?


Another point noted in both the national and the OHCHR’s compilation reports relates to the issue of unemployment among indigenous people in Canada as well as difficulties surrounding their equal access to education and healthcare.  The national report also refers to the problem of discrimination against indigenous people and the increased likelihood of violence against women and unemployment in indigenous communities.  We would like to know what efforts Canada is making in order to address these problems now and in the future. 


In addition to indigenous people, the OHCHR’s compilation report mentions problems with poverty and equal access to education among Canadians of African descent despite Canada’s proactive pursuit of multiculturalism.  Japan would like to learn what measures Canada is considering to improve this situation.


I thank you.