29th Session of UPR, Review of Israel, Ambassador Mitsuko SHINO, The Permanent Mission of Japan in Geneva (23 January 2018)

UPR of Israel - Statement of Japan
Ambassador Mitsuko SHINO
The Permanent Mission of Japan in Geneva
23 January 2018

Thank you, Mr. President.

 Japan welcomes Israel’s commitment to promoting and protecting human rights through its ratification of the major human rights treaties and strengthening of human rights related legislation.

 Japan also welcomes the efforts of the Israeli authorities to promote and protect women’s rights, including their encouragement of women’s participation in decision making processes.

 Japan would like to make the following three recommendations.

 First, Japan recommends that Israel take note of the reports of pervasive and serious domestic and sexual violence against women by the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, and redouble its efforts to address this issue.

 Second, Japan recommends that Israel promote reconciliation between ethnic groups, and implement further measures to promote and protect the human rights and social participation of minorities, including citizens of Arab origin, in order to ensure and strengthen their access to housing, education, and social infrastructure.

 Lastly, it is critical that human rights in Palestine are protected. Japan deeply deplores the continuation of settlement activities, and concerns the destruction of houses, forcible evacuations, and the restriction of freedom of movement.
 Japan recommends that Israel immediately freeze its settlement activities, which undermine the viability of a two-state solution and violate international law.

I thank you, Mr. President.