29th Session of UPR, Review of Burundi, Ambassador Mitsuko SHINO, The Permanent Mission of Japan in Geneva (18 January 2018)

UPR of Burundi - Statement of Japan
Ambassador Mitsuko SHINO
The Permanent Mission of Japan
18 January 2018

Thank you, Mr. President.

 Japan welcomes the achievement of an increased level of participation by women in the political life of Burundi.

 However, the human rights situation in Burundi remains a cause for concern in the face of the ongoing fluid situation in the country. According to a report by UNFPA, as of August 2017, about 400,000 Burundian citizens had been forced to flee to neighboring countries as refugees. Japan has provided Burundi with cooperation in the form of food aid to address its shortages.

 Japan would like to make the following three recommendations.

 First, we recommend stepping up initiatives aimed at fostering the environment for the repatriation of refugees, especially addressing the country’s serious food shortages.

 Second, we recommend committing to comprehensive dialogue involving all stakeholders, as it is crucial to ensure that a free, fair, and transparent presidential election shall be conducted peacefully in 2020.

 Lastly, we recommend taking measures, in collaboration with the International Community, to create the environment where the people of Burundi can enjoy all human rights.

I thank you, Mr. President.